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For the moment, this journal is mostly public, but I do make some flocked entries every so often (and private ones too, but nobody gets to see those). Comment if you want in! I'll also friend back pretty much everyone who friends me (unless they're a spambot). If I'm already on your flist and you want to defriend me for whatever reason, no hard feelings. ♥

Where I can be found on LJ

☀ LiveJournal Roleplay
I play at a couple panfandom games here on LJ. Character/RP lists can be found at iddyspace.

☀ Nancy Drew MSTings
Though I'm usually horribly slow at updating, I have a lot of fun with these at whatnancysaid. The community also has open posting/membership for anyone else who wants to add their own MSTs.

☀ My Icons
They're very basic, but I'd like to think most of them aren't completely horrible. I do take requests at wickedchouette, as well.
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